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I was born in a small town close to Verona, Italy  in 1984.

I first started my education in the field of Sociology, Anthropology and International Development, first at the “Universitá degli studi di Padova” (Padua, Italy) and then at the “Université de Paris Diderot” (Paris, France), until the day I decided to leave everything behind me and settle down in Seville, Spain ,where I studied Ceramics at the School of Art “Escuela de Arte de Sevilla”. 


My experiences in different countries such as England, Brasil, France and Spain contributed in shaping my  personal imaginery, both multicultural and permeable. 


The plasticity of the material and the countless possibilities in its use are what inspired me to explore the world of ceramics, which I complement with other forms of experimentation like mural painting, illustration, screen printing and video.


They all feed into one and other and mirror the great curiosity and eclecticism which caracterizes my work, in which I give great importance to repetition and color, together with a touch of barroque aesthetic. 


In my pieces I love sublimating and interacting with my personal life experiences and  analysing them in the light of the multinational sense of belonging and the different social context I have experienced and analysed through my sociological and anthropological  perspective.

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    +34 684 322 542

instagram: mme_zaboubou

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